Turn an event into an enjoyable, unforgettable experience

From a single webinar to a Virtual Fair, we can organize your digital, physical or hybrid event.

“I can’t change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination”
-James Dean

From a single webinar, to a AR/RA 3D experience

As we don’t use a single technology, but we select the one that best fits your event. Thus, we can set up a highly efficient & quality experience using available technology.

Private webinars

Train your team, suppliers, clients or customers. Present your product, showcase your brand.

Virtual Conferences

Take your customers to a journey inside your brand or product, but offering real quality contents and a memorable experience.


We all know what is a workshop about. But have you had the chance of offering a quality content session to one of your customers a team?

Virtual & Hybrid Fairs

Virtuality is not enough? Just ask us for a hybrid event, and mix the best of both worlds!

Why you should
go virtual

The world is heading to digital. It is not about replacing the physical experience, but to enhance it. Every company needs to hop on the digital world, offering from small to bigger events to its ecosystem. You may not do it, but your competition will do it, for sure.

Our experience is our best promotion

Our expert team of event planners, already organized some of the best virtual events in the industry.

While the world was frozen due to the pandemic, we lead the first global virtual fair in the Wine & Spirits Industry. The event was replicated in 2021.

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CO2 savings from avoided flights, hotel nights during the first edition of the Wine Spirits Virtual Fair

We can’t wait to help your company going digital.