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Become a foundation stone supporter. Why it matters?

Grow your brand while helping to create a sustainable business ecosystem

We envision a better world, and a better industry we work for. We have A LOT of ideas to put on a roadmap to build & grow this community. But we need to know we are not crazy, or at least, that there are many more crazy people & companies willing for a better future.

So, we are focusing our energy to gather the first community of 50 partners that helps us lay the foundation stone of this project. Once we reach that first goal, price plans (Basic, Standard, Professional) will be active.

Connect with others

Network, meet people, companies, brands, leadind voices, experts and other professionals

Boost your marketing

Generate leads, run focused campaigns and activations through live events.

Embrace Global Goals

Newbie in this? Come and learn from others. Advanced at this? Come and share your brand´s experience.

Share your experience

Newbie in this? Come and learn from the leading brands who already took action.

Discover & learn

Offer live events, webinars, workshops. Present your brand as a leading voice. Share value.

Let your brand support this cause

Get a LIFETIME * deal, and become one of the FOUNDATION STONE PARTNERS


*Once we reach the goal, all Foundation stone partners will be able to upgrade their plans.




Which plan fits your brand needs?

No worries, you can always upgrade it to get the most of the community

Company Listing
Wisperts support
Webinar slots a Wisperts´ events
1 per year
2 per year
3 pear year
Interview for social media and on-demand content
Upload of pre-existing webinars (Subject to content approval)
Participation in forums
Tailor-made event (max. 1 hour)
50% Bonus
Social media posts
News pubilaction on the platform (subject to content approval)
Email marketing (dedicated campaign) Data base: 30000 leads
1 per year
Sponsor at Wisperts' events
Brand positioning at evets (Logo on presentations)
Attendees database (own webinar)
Contact with leads according to company's goals
Max. 25
Max. 50
Private wokshops (B2B)
Pill production for social media
Price for annual membership
Below you'll find the list of available plans to join the Wisperts'
community abd their corresponding feature.

Want to know more? Discover our Tailor made plans for corporations

Many companies are willing
to hop on the digital era.
What about yours?

We can organize, set up,
and run your digital event

We’ve made it before. Our team has the experience for taking your event to a next level. Don´t miss out. Be digital. Be physical. Be both.

We need the below details to fulfill your request. Oops, sorry if you had already filled these in. We're constantly working to improve our platform. 

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