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Blockchain applicata all’industria del vino

Busted, we’re missing this one! We’re working to share all the complete material but you can go ahead and enjoy the video.
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Alessandro Toschi
Founder e Managing Partner di AM ADVISOR Srl, a Management and Strategic Consulting Company with focus on FinTech, Blockchain and Crypto Asset sectors; Partner and Member of The Board of Directors of Global Wealth Planning Srl – Independent Multy Evolved Family Office, based in Rome, Milan and Montecarlo; He worked in different positions in the legal, corporate, compliance and institutional relations functions for companies operating both in the real estate and in the asset management sectors. Currently, he is a: -Member of the Legal Committee of INATBA (International Association For Trusted Blockchain Applications) – Brussels, Belgium; -National Board Member at Italia4Blockchain Association – Milan; -Founding Member of the Center for Innovative Thematic Studies of Economic Law (CESTIDE)- Rome; -Director of the I° level Master in Blockchain Economy and Crypto Asset at the “Mercatorum University” – University of the Italian Chambers of Commerce – Rome He achieved a master’s degree in Law at the “University of Guglielmo Marconi” in Rome, with a thesis on “The Banking Union: the division of responsibilities between the European Central Bank and the competent national authorities”. He achieved a II° level Master in “Regulation of Financial Markets and Activities” at the LUISS School of Law in Rome, with a thesis on “Fintech and Cryptocurrencies: Legal profiles and perspectives of national and European regulation”
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