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Anne Miltenburg shares with us her journey from branding consultancy to building a community of people who want to learn how to harness the power of brand for social and environmental progress.

Her experience makes us wonder how our brand communications are or can be showing our purpose, and how the W&S industry can be transformed from the inside out by the changemakers who dare to do so, and the benefits of that for the brands and for the world.

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Anne Miltenburg
In 2013, brand developer Anne Miltenburg (1981, The Netherlands) got increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress on social and environmental issues in the world. There were plenty of people out there working to create change, but the ideas were not adopted quick enough, or at the right scale. Could branding have something to do with it? As a result, Anne quit her job as a creative director at Interbrand to find out how to use her brand expertise to advance ideas, products and services for social and environmental justice. After a year of research, speaking to purpose driven entrepreneurs, activists, intrapreneurs and NGOs across the world, she realised it was the lack of knowledge on how to build stronger brands that was holding people back. Anne made it her personal mission to create and curate the world’s best brand building knowledge and put it in the hands of those who will use it for good. The result: in 2014, Anne founded The Brandling, an education company that trains purpose driven entrepreneurs to build stronger brands. The Brandling produces tools, research and trainings, and hosts a community of hundreds of brand builders from across the world, who share knowledge and experience in the pursuit of a better world. Her Brand Thinking Canvas has become the go-to model for brand builders across sectors, and her book, Brand The Change, is in its third edition, and has been translated to Arabic and Korean. To date, her tools and learning experiences are used by over 10,000 people worldwide. Her writing is featured in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Skoll, Forbes. Anne has lived and worked in over 12 countries and currently calls Nairobi, Kenya, the heart of social innovation and tech for good, her home.
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