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Experiencias de una bodega líder en gestión de marcas con impacto positivo

Zuccardi Valle de Uco

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Zuccardi Valle de Uco
Jose Alberto Zuccardi
Jose Alberto Zuccardi began his career in 1976 working at different areas of the winery; Santa Rosa vineyard, domestic and foreign trade and also developing an important task converting vineyards into high-quality varieties between 1980 and 1990. In 1991 he entered the international market, making Familia Zuccardi in one of the main exporters. Since 1992 he serves as Director of Familia Zuccardi, one of the three main exporting wineries and the only of national capital within the leadership group. Innovation is one of the core values of the company and a personal characteristic that has allowed it to generate new products, experiment with varieties from other countries and investigate permanently, which has also meant a valuable contribution to the wine industry of Argentina. In 2000 and 2002, José Alberto Zuccardi was elected Entrepreneur of the Year in Mendoza by a survey conducted by a local newspaper among 100 businessmen and journalists from the province highlighting its entrepreneurial dynamism and its orientation towards the most diverse markets.
Sebastian Zuccardi
he first hectares of grapvines in Maipu, Mendoza. The Zuccardi family has not stopped growing and developing. It has become a leader in Argentine wine production. From his father, Jose Alberto Zuccardi, Sebastian inherited the determination and and desire to constantly strive for excellence. Today, Sebastián, third generation of the family, finds himself leading a young team of agricultural engineers and enologists, who are in charge of producing the highest quality wines in the Uco Valley. On his initiative, the winery has a research and development area since 2008, dedicated to studyng the terroir and the diverse variables that affect wine quality. The goal, in Sebastian’ s own words , is ” not to strive for perfect wines, but wines that express the place, the region”.
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