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Label sells the first bottle of wine, the producer the subsequent ones

Casa Vinícola Sartori

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Casa Vinícola Sartori
Dr. Andrea Ciceri
PhD, President and founder of SenseCatch After obtaining a Ph.D. in neuromarketing and consumer psychology, he founded SenseCatch. In SenseCatch he combines the classical research methodologies like interviews or focus group with neuroscientific ones, with particular interest in the Eye Tracking methodology, a methodology that allows direct access to visual data fundamental to explain consumer behavior. His goal is to make available more detailed, accurate and objective information with which to analyze market and gain strategic insights. He collaborates with research centers and universities.
Marta Geccherle
Brand and Marketing Specialist at Casa Vinicola Sartori S.p.A.I have been working in this company since 2018. After my Bachelor degree in Economics and Social Sciences, I started working in this winery as an intern. Then, last year, I started my Master Programme in Marketing and Communication for the Food and Beverage Industry and I was promoted in my current position. This role perfectly mirrors my personality: dynamic, reflective, self-disciplined, extrovert and open to new experiences. Working as a Brand and Marketing Specialist involves different activities from designing, creating, delivering and communicating values to consumers and customers, to elaborating strategies withing the supply chain as well as within the territorial system. My main purpose is to elaborate branding and packaging strategies to ensure that the Brand Identity remains consistent, recognizable as well as up to date.
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