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Striving for Impact: Spottswoode’s Path towards Environmental Stewardship

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Aron Weinkauf
As both vineyard manager and winemaker, Aron Weinkauf carries on a rich tradition at Spottswoode of embracing an interconnected view of winemaking that has deep roots in the vineyard. In his dual role, Aron works alongside the winery’s in-house vineyard team, guiding the farming of the estate’s 24 individual blocks. In the winery, he applies his talents to as many as 20 small fermentations each vintage, just to make Spottswoode’s two acclaimed Cabernet Sauvignons. Aron also performs dozens of additional fermentations for the winery’s Sauvignon Blanc, Estate “Mary’s Block” Sauvignon Blanc and Field Book Syrah. In addition to being the steward of Spottswoode’s legendary vineyard, Aron ensures that each wine authentically reflects its vintage and vineyards, and that it is true to the elegant, energetic and age-worthy style for which Spottswoode has been recognized since 1982.
Molly Sheppard
was born and raised in Victoria, Australia and has been surrounded by wine for most of her life. She attended Curtin University in Western Australia, completing a degree in Agribusiness, Viticulture and Enology. After working in wineries in Victoria, Margaret River and the Yarra Valley, Molly made her first trip to Napa Valley as in intern for the 2017 vintage and fell in love with the beauty and dynamic nature if Napa Valley and its wines. She returned in 2018 and joined the Spottswoode winemaking team as a harvest intern, becoming part of the team full time as Educational Winemaker shortly thereafter. In the unique, hybrid role, Molly combines her passion for winemaking and communications by helping craft the wines in both the vineyard and the cellar, and by connection with out customers in the domestic and international markets to share with the world how unique both the wines and the spirit of Spottswoode are. While not at the winery, Molly enjoys spending time doing anything that gets her outside – hiking, running and yoga are some of her favorite past times.
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