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Sustainability beyond technology

The University of Auckland

Gabriela shows how the concept of sustainability is not taken in its true broad sense when applied to business in general. She explains how brands may consider the deeper aspects that impact the mindset needed to go further and achieve the true purpose of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The University of Auckland
Gabriela Nuri Barón
is a Design academic, lecturer and researcher currently working at the University of Auckland. She specialises in Design strategy at the intersection between people, their communities and their natural environment. She has been working in the areas of Design for Conservation, Sustainability and Social Innovation for 15+ years. Gabriela graduated as an Industrial Designer in Argentina and after working as an independent contractor she got a full grant to pursue a specialising master in Product-Service System Design at Politécnico di Milano in Italy. After gaining experience in Italy she was awarded a full time research grant to pursue a PhD in Environmental/Civil Engineering. Her unique study path has led her to follow a collaborative, interdisciplinary and systemic approach to addressing complex, global problems. Gabriela has been an educator and researcher in Argentina, Italy and New Zealand. As part of her teaching and research, Gabriela has developed highly visual tools that enable collaborative problem solving. She is currently developing the “Design for Conservation” methodology which explores alternative collaborative models around grassroots environmental conservation, as a decolonised approach that shed light on new ways of impact assessment that are closer to the people and their land (www.design4conservation.com).
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