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Sustainable food, agriculture and land use innovation ecosystems

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rodrigo perez
rodrigo perez
1 year ago


Magdalena Iturria
Chemical Engineer, specialized in Environmental Sciences, Sustainability and Climate Change. Her current work focuses on soil regeneration and biotechnology applications for sustainable agriculture.
Alejandra Nuñez Berte
Arquitecta y emprendedora alineada con la sustentabilidad y la economía circular. Desarrollo de productos y diseños con lana de oveja gruesa Fundadora y CEO de Abriga. Productos y diseños en base a lana de oveja rústica.
Bruno Mezzetti
UFFICIALE dell’Ordine “Al merito della Repubblica Italiana”, conferito dal Presidente Mattarella, controfirmato del Presidente Draghi, 21 Aprile 2021. Highly Cited Researched Clarivate: 2020. Highly Cited Researched Web of Science: 2019. Full Professor in Arboriculture since 2006 and Director of the Department of Agriculture (2009-2015), now chair of the PhD school in Agriculture, Food and Environmental sciences. He has been coordinator and partner of several national MIUR (PRIN) and Mipaf projects, as well as several projects with private companies operating in the nursery and fruit production sector. Prof. Mezzetti is author of a total of 185 publications in SCOPUS journals (IF:39) and several book chapters, topic review manuscripts and extension non-indexed publications (https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9307-812X). He has been nominated Highly Cited Researcher WOS-HCR2019 and CLARIVATE-HCR2020: https://publons.com/researcher/315515…. He is patent holder of 9 plant varieties patents (CPVO). He has Chaired 4 ISHS international symposiums. He will be involved in the setting up and management of the experiments, reporting, publications and dissemination.
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