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The future is sustainable: Key Trends and Consumer Demands

In June 2021, Jorge (Euromonitor) and Catherine, displayed a clear forecast, based on data analysis. The pandemic as a key factor of change, both in consumer mindset and supply and demand challenges.

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Jorge Zúñiga
is a research analyst at Euromonitor International. Based in the Santiago office, Jorge leads research projects in Beauty & Fashion industries in most of the South American markets. Besides specializing in the Fashion & Luxury industries, Jorge uses Euromonitor analytics tools to generate insights on macroeconomic impacts, changes in consumer trends, and forecast reviews, among others. At the same time, Jorge generates content related to the challenges and opportunities related to the sustainable development of Latin America. Jorge has been quoted in key media outlets in the region such as America Economía, America Retail, Revista Semana and La Tercera.
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